The “simple tenants with a vegetable garden and grape vineyard” in the village of Treggiaia date back to 1566. The farm, together with a farmhouse known as La Cava, was the property of Iacopo Di Ridolfo Riccardi. With the marquis Riccardi of Florence, the villa experienced a period of great splendor when the rich and powerful commercial family reached its maximum notoriety under the Medici Principality, and was considered to be the clan with the highest private patrimony in Tuscany.

From the inventory of property compiled upon the death of Riccardo Riccardi (1611), the “Cava estate in the Treggiaia municipality” was defined as being formed of “a large farmhouse used for the workers with a pigeon coop and all appurtenances”. In fact, it was only in the mid seventeenth century that architectural and landscaping renovations began that would bring the villa to have its current appearance.
The farmhouse took on the appearance of a mansion, a transformation that was completed in the mid eighteenth century: A building l.od.o, La Cava in the Treggiaia municipality has wheat storage, vat cellars, stalls, well and all appurtenances and conveniences, with 9 wheat silos and a church on the pasture, from the 1657 Inventory (ASFi, Riccardi, 263, chapter 19).

Diverse interventions were documented in the year 1754 (static consolidation of the vat cellar as designed by the engineer Pier Giovanni Fabbroni, “modernization of the staircase going to the mezzanines of the roof and plan for crowning the Clock chamber”), defining the plans for creating a single schedule to renovate and reconfigure the villa. On the façade, this intervention emphasized the central axis with the creation of a continuous portal-balcony-portal-coat of arms-apex crown sequence.

In 1797, negotiations began for the sale of the villa, which was ceded with its 16 farmhouses, 2 ?areas? and numerous rural annexes, to the Toscanelli family, just returned to Pisa from Canton Ticino by the will of Antonio Toscanelli (1755-1838), who founded the Pisa dynasty. Antonio was made a Knight of the Saint Stephen Order, as was his son Giovanni Battista.

Antonio Toscanelli of Lugano chose Pisa as the home for himself and his fortune, a large estate acquired in 1810, where he ploughed the uncultivated fields, planted olive groves and vineyards, repaired the country houses, built foundations and added new properties, not without notable costs, enlarging, enriching and building onto the estate, attracted by the healthy climate and beautiful surrounding countryside. The estate grew through numerous demolitions and the addition of numerous rooms, resulting in a much more elegant appearance. Year 1823.

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